A Quest for Quality, Productivity & Innovation

ICQCC 2024

Join us and celebrate the 49th International Convention on Quality Control Circles 2024, which will take place on “November 11th – November 14th” of 2024 in Sri Lanka.

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A Quest for Quality, Productivity & Innovation

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Quality, Productivity and Innovation

International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) has successfully been held 48 times since it commenced in 1976. ICQCC is renowned as “Quality Promotors. It includes large number of participants in diverse field industries. As a cohesive event, it includes/encompasses many organizations around the world. SLAAQP, as a member of CCM of ICQCC, successfully held the ICQCC in 2014. SLAAQP is privileged to be its host again, after 10 years. The 49th ICQCC will be held in Colombo, which is the commercial “Capital of Sri Lanka”. Through presentations and exchange of ideas, the best quality innovation and improvement projects can be showcased to all participants, so as to inspire and learn from each other will select the recipients for the Gold and Silver Awards. We will once again ensure a rewarding, unforgettable experience at the convention for all attending. We warmly welcome the participants from all countries and regions.

We extend a warm welcome to participants from every corner of the globe. Sri Lanka, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” boasts breathtaking scenic beauty and has been consistently recommended as a top travel destination by Trip Advisor. Join us in Colombo for the 49th ICQCC – an event that celebrates excellence, fosters collaboration, and propels the quality movement forward.


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Inspire Quality Through Interdisciplinary Innovation.


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